Nutella cheesecake



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Churro Bowls

Ramadhaan Mubaarak to all those celebrating. May Allah’s immaculate grace and exceptional wisdom conquer your life as you celebrate this holy month!

I honestly have no explanation regarding my disappearance for all these months, so here’s an amazing recipe instead.


Churro Bowls




Regular Churros, but its thinner, hotter sister. I made these yesterday and they were so, so good!


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Cookies & Cream = Happily ever after.



I know I suck, it’s been SO long. I’ve really been meaning to do a post, but time is definitely ON MY SIDE as it likes to KEEP reminding me. So, I’m making amends by sharing this amazing Cookies & Cream fudge cupcakes I came across the other day. I don’t know about  few of you, but I can tell about the majority of you reading this, that the love for Oreo doesn’t end. A simple glass of milk with some Oreo’s is enough to keep me happy. Well, for a short time. Very short.

And if you don’t like Oreo’s.

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Winter Delight


Hey everyone!


It’s a little late, but belated Eid Mubarak to all you amazing people! I hope you’ve all had a spectacular day. Eid is such a wonderful day which we ALL look forward to the entire month. Not because we can’t wait to stop fasting, (LOL) but the joy of the whole family getting together, exciting Eidi’s and a multitude of delicacies ( BASICALLY AMAZING FOOD IS THE MAIN PART) delights every heart.


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Creamy Jalapeno Hake with a Strawberry Lemon Basil Salad.

Hey y’all.

No energy to make small talk. Fasts are getting to me. LOL.

Anyway. I usually am not much of a Fish lover. HOWEVER, I absolutely love this recipe. It’s an original recipe which my mum came up with. She’s like. The best cook ever. No lies. It’s honestly to-die-for. And as for the salad, I came across this recipe the other day and it sounded so delicious, (then again, everything sounds delicious when you’re fasting) I had to make it. It actually turned out pretty good. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you try it!

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